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channelzapped asked:

Hi Gail, I'm a HUGE fan of your work! I just wanted you to know that your first run of Birds of Prey brought me back into comics after nearly seven years (BoP #61 was my first issue). Because of you I am a HUGE Black Canary fan (Oracle is #1). I love her badassery and humanity. As a former martial artist I often wonder, "Is Gail Simone, a Master of the Warrior Arts? Was she trained by Pai Mei? Is she secretly an assassin?" Are you Gail? Are you as deadly as Shiva & Canary & The Bride?


I have taken some karate and had a lot of self-defense classes in the past. My husband is very skilled in this area and my son is a black belt in Okinawa shuri-te.  I can actually take care of myself pretty good, if called upon, weird as that may sound. 

I do a ton of research on this stuff, have for years, and whenever I am fortunate enough to talk with advanced level martial artists of any kind, I become an immediate pest with questions on theory and history, and hypothetical scenarios. I have way more knowledge about this stuff than I think I will ever reasonably need, and yet I love it and love to hear about it from people who are experts. 

I could beat Shiva if it was a hairstyling or cookie-baking competition.

This explains so much of why Gail’s action sequences rock so hard.


TV Trope: Friendship Moment

Jeff: First entry in my stupid journal. Today I had to run and get two imaginary friendship hats from an office. I could’ve just walked around the corner and then come back, but, for some reason, I actually went all the way back to where they were supposed to be. One was crumpled up a bit, that was Troy’s. The other was just a little dusty, that was Abed’s. I fixed them up even though I was the only one watching, because I settled on a truth today that’s always going to be true. I would do anything for my friends, which I think is how everyone in the world feels, which finally makes me understand war.

(3.14 Pillows And Blankets)

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